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  • I worked for Kelowna KIA for a couple of years. as a repair technician carrying out my 4th year apprenticeship. everything seemed very welcoming in the first few months with other employees and management.they "use to" buy lunch and treat us on Saturdays if worked which was nice and very appreciated never once did i not forget to be thankful and tell them so as well to show with a solid and reliable work ethic!

    then red flags start to pop up as the months went by, such as low shop morale due to underpaid apprentices and technician... lack of shop tools (many dealer specific tools ended up being bought by myself and other techs to get a job done just simply of the fact the would refuse tool buy or replace), equipment in disrepair, hoist are outdated (late 80's to the 90's) many of the safety features are irreparable to no part and lack of care from management. no CO control systems, fire extinguisher expired past their certification date! management (mainly the service manager) always talking behind both shop technicians and even then customers (very negative comments). work orders not being written properly causing diagnostic time to be longer than needed to be thus management constantly in your ear "how much longer" or "is it done yet" when a job is clearly to be seen only halfway done and been pulled of it 3-5 times. The last two months I was employed there my and all other employees of the shop side (except management) direct deposit cheque had not been deposited in the night of scheduled pay days only to be handed a cheque 3-4 business days late and all they had to say for themselves was that “there was a banking error on the banks end” once i can see but twice not ever likely. Started to have my doubts about their financial well being as a company was starting to believe this was the beginning of a sinking ship! With all the high turnover rate i’d be asked for referral on a friend needing a job. And i one said to them “I wouldn't wish this place of employment upon my worst enemy” and never suggested anyone in fact suggested new employee to keep looking!

    this shop is a major work safe hazard. For both your mental and physical health! I would strongly recommend not bothering applying to this faculty and would tell you to “run not walk.” im just glad I'm out of that place and am happy where I am now.

    Posted on 13 October 2019 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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