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Katz Group/Rexall Pharma Plus

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Can it get any worse? Upper management of this company is a complete joke. Labour cuts are designed to force management to quit. They want everyone to quit so they can rehire their Walmart and Shoppers friends. They have stopped stores from buying necessary supplies to operate the stores. Can't even restock the public washrooms with soap. New executives hired to prep this company to sell, so they are doing everything they possibly can to show an increase in revenue and minimal expenses. Weekly stores are advised of new labour allocation. 75% of store staff no longer get hours. Customer service is dismal. So unfortunate. This company was a great company to work for. Dozen years ago I felt pride working here. Now, it is an embarrassment.

    Posted on 31 January 2016 by Rater #40 | Flag as inappropriate

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It's way worse now. They would rather FIRE a good full time person than to reduce them to PT. Managers have been made to get rid of someone just to cut hours. I wonder how they would feel if their bosses were to cut their hours in half without notice.

Posted on 11 September 2016

This is accurate. I'm only getting 20 hours per week. I used to get 30-32 hours/week before the big change in February. I can tell you for sure the company is totally faking revenues and profits.

I might still keep this job, as I can probably get another source of income elsewhere.

Posted on 19 February 2016

Yes It did get a lot wrose fort stores managers are working by themselves now following for 4 hour not if not more.
At some stroes there's hardly any front staff

Posted on 13 February 2016

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