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  • This company's sucess (if it has had any) is based upon clients with a VERY low bar. I truly wish I had an opportunity to leave and move on. The work is boring and the management is nonexistant. When the economy picks up, and jobs are available in other agencies, people will march out. Right now, many, like me, are just sitting and waiting to escape. We are an unmotivated, bored bunch with no clients who motivate us to do well, and no managers who care whether the agency does good work or not.

    Posted on 14 November 2011 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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Creative people are NOT appreciated here (or even acknowledged). Do not apply. You are order-takers and highly underpaid if you are a creative at JSA. All $ goes to people who "handle" clients (who are paid despite not being any good). Art and Copy are FOR SURE not at all important here. Beware.

Posted on 16 January 2012

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