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ISM Canada

Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : Centre d'appels, Service clientèle

  • I have been working for ISM in BC for about 7 years. A while ago we got a new leader for the BC operation who promised to make things better than it was. Are things better? No, but what do you expect when you have someone in charge whose career has been to sit on boards and never do any actual work? The guy wouldn’t know the difference between a microchip and a potato chip. BC’s leadership has been a revolving door of hired guns that come in with their own half baked ideas steeped with platitudes like ‘delight the client’. Delight the client sounds good doesn’t it? Making your customers happy is good business. Introducing it as a mantra to front line workers who were already giving it there all is an incredible insult to everyone who does the real work. It means our leaders didn’t realize how much undeserved effort they were already getting! Many people were staying late, coming in early, or exceeding what was expected in spite of management standing on their backs telling them to hurry up and move on to the next thing. Everyone is juggling increasing workloads that should be spread out over two, or maybe three people instead of just one and it frames the conversation into an insinuation that we’re holding back, and therefore if the contract does not get renewed it must be our fault. It feels awful hearing this from the top of the organization who take extravagant trips overseas paid for by the company while the ones who actually earn the money experience layoffs year after year, work with broken furniture and are regularly reminded how much it costs to employ us. The outlook is incredibly poor in every department. Our management do not lead! They dictate, are argumentative and look for fights with the workers who report to them. It is really obvious that the people in charge don’t like or trust the people doing the work. ISM (BC) is trying to get the only contract they have with the government renewed so that we can continue providing services and keep our jobs. The only thing ISM has going for it right now is we have a right wing government prone to making bad business decisions based on patronage, so we will see. This is not a good place to work, unless you want to be part of a Dilbert comic.

    Publié le 21 juin 2016 par Évaluateur #53 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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I am not sure what peoples issues are with ISM but I find that it puts the magic kingdom to shame with all the wizardry that goes on. Where else can a month of red stats suddenly turn green? Where else can someone who was in a leadership role at the service desk suddenly forget everything and have to be retrained as well as regain all the access they should have had in the first place. It has to be magic. What else can it be? Where else can those hired as agents not answer calls? Where else can someone do half the calls or less than the average or hide in email or after call mode and not get fired? It has to be magic. ISM is a magical company were everyone is happy and there are no problems. At least that is what we are told to believe. Anyone for more kool-aid?

Publié le 9 août 2016

What can be said about this review mmmm?

Its a given that most of those in charge are really not qualified or capable of doing their job. How they got it in many cases is a open secret.

Its a given that ISM has been handing out promises to staff since they took the account and have only really done anything when pressured. Staff at this point just nod when promises are given and expect nothing.

Its a given that the client really is getting terrible service and a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

As for the Dilbert comment. Dilbert would be a huge improvement in management style. That tells you a lot.

Publié le 22 juin 2016

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