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ISM Canada

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • After more than a year,nothing has changed. Looks like the problems weren't rooted in the managers they let go, but much deeper than that. The toxicity goes right to the top.

    Posted on 17 November 2015 by Rater #44 | Flag as inappropriate

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They got rid of 2 bad Sr Managers, but there are worse ones still there and they are still doing their damage.

Posted on 24 November 2015

ISM is a company focused on profits not service. ISM has shown repeatedly that it is not willing to put in the effort towards its employer or staff if that means not meeting profit goals. Yes, they let the senior manager go but that is but one head of the hydra. Issues that have been around since they took over the HA contract have never been solved simply covered up. Promises made by ISM to employees are rarely if ever met. Those that complain have been made targets. Yes, ISM has sent out emails asking people to tell them of any issues staff have had. The problem is ISM has a history of ignoring these problems even when they are health related. Yes, ISM has an image problem of their own making. Yes, there are many in positions of leadership that are not qualified. Yes, many wonder how these so-called leaders got their job, or who got it for them? Now to counteract all the negative talk about ISM, the company is bragging about getting on the Canada’s Top 100 Employers list again. If you read the categories and the ratings ISM got you really have to wonder at how real this award really is. Let us go over each category.
1. ISM got a “B+” in physical workspace. I can see that if you forget to include the air quality issues at the Production way office that ISM seems to not want to address in a serious way.
2. ISM got an “A” in work atmosphere and Communication. I can see this as true since all communication is filtered and monitored. As for work atmosphere well staff have learned to just keep their mouths shut or be a target. To the outside person everything might be seen as friendly. Stay a while and you learn the truth fast.
3. ISM got a “B+” in financial benefits and compensation. This rating is perfectly correct but you have to remember at least for the HA account this is more to do with the HAs then any good while on the part of ISM.
4. ISM got another “A” in health and family-friendly benefits. Again, to the outside person that is correct. To someone working for ISM issues of air quality might be brought up. Also I believe in a previous review someone mentioned a issue with a pregnant ex employee
5. ISM gets a “B” in Vacation and personal time-off. Well many employees seem to be having issues getting time owed to them to actually use, so I am not sure how correct this rating is.
6. In employee engagement ISM got a “B”. If ISM means telling staff that most issues are their own fault and not the software, hardware or leadership then yes a B is warranted. No dissent=great employee engagement it seems.
7. In training and skills development ISM got an “A”. So training by non-trainers without a test lab is considered “A” level training? They are really setting the bar limbo low. Training or lack thereof is probably one of the biggest jokes at ISM. As for skills development well what is offered is not exactly useful outside IBM/ISM.
8. ISM gets an “A” in community involvement. I am not sure how much is marketing and how much is genuine.

Posted on 18 November 2015

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