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ISM Canada

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • Has ISM improved since the recent changes in leadership? To the outside person or to someone new to ISM the answer might be yes. To those who have been with ISM a while the answer would be no. Getting rid of one person does not solve the problems with the company. You still have staff that are being targeted all be it in a less obvious way. You still have team leads on up that seem to have chips on their shoulders when it comes to getting into the trenches to actually work and support the client be it answering phones at the service desk to helping clients desk side. How would you feel if you saw the call queues going red and rather than answer calls you see your team leads on up go for coffee, chat at a desk with each other or simply do nothing. The excuse that the team lead or supervisor are doing reports or something else does not hold much water when it happens so often that when they do answer a call staff are genuinely shocked or assume someone higher then them forced them to answer a calls. Staff are told calls come first but I guess that does not apply to teams leads on up. Management at ISM is a joke to be blunt. No one wants to do what it takes to meet the needs of the clients. You have managers yelling at staff. You have so called leaders that love to give orders but refuse to lead by example. I am not saying staff are perfect; on the contrary, some seem to get away with whatever they want. ISM seems to be a sinking ship were everyone seems to care less and less. When you see staff appointed to positions without a completion that anyone remembers you begin to lose faith. Just the hint of nepotism true or not can really hurt a company. Management has repeatedly over the years been made aware of issues at ISM and have ignored it each time. The company may make token gestures now and then such as getting rid of the previous senior manager but they are meaningless when they refuse to fix all the issues. Most of the leadership that manages the service desk for example is questionably qualified. You really have to wonder how most got into a job leading people over more qualified applicants that in some cases literally did the exact job before ISM took over. ISM is a sinking ship were funny enough most staff are hoping it sinks faster so the Health Authorities can correct their mistake and take back all they contracted out. Just read all the comments on this site people have made about the company over the years and you will get a clear picture of what is going on. Not much has really changed at ISM since the senior manager left and the outright dislike at the drop in service since ISM took over by clients is getting to a boiling point. If you want to fix the issues with ISM, there are solutions. The company needs to prove clearly that there is no cronyism at ISM and any found will be correct. Secondly the company needs to put every position team lead on up under a microscope and really decide if the person in it is qualified to lead. Just because you have technical skills does not mean you can lead others even with training. Some people just do not have the personality to lead others. Thirdly, the company needs to hire an independent third party to investigate all the issues at ISM. Yes, the union brought in someone but that was because the union had to deal with a flood of complaints that were not being addressed by ISM. ISM needs to hire its own investigator with the power to make changes not just recommendations that will be ignored. Finally, ISM needs to respect its employees. We are not stupid in the slightest. We can see everything that is going on. If someone is treated badly we all find out quick. If someone of lesser qualifications is hired for a position over someone who has done it, we all find out and make some obvious conclusions. No ISM your staff are not stupid they simply lack trusted leadership and have no faith in anything you tell them. Think on that a moment. ISM as a whole not just the BC operation should be ashamed how they treat their staff and their clients. Read others reviews for more detail and remember little has changed and much has got worse.

    Posted on 22 November 2014 by Rater #40 | Flag as inappropriate

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I feel bad for the TLs to lose their position (Team Leads for the non ISM people) but we're going to see some bumping down the road. Once everything settles in, I won't be surprised if another Work Force Adjustment BS will occur by the beginning or end of next quarter.

At the end of the day, what ISM wants is to NEVER put any confident into the peons... wait "employees" of the company but to continue to be top heavy in Management and to appease the stock holders. This company is going down the toilet and the HA would have to be absolutely drunk or a have a gun put to their heads by the Liberals to have this contract to be re-signed.

Posted on 13 July 2015

Is it bad that staff are laughing at the TLs predicament? Is it bad that staff are saying the TLs will finally have to work rather than avoid it with excuses? Is it bad that no one believes management when they say the new restructuring will not put an ugly black mark on the records of the TLs? Is it bad that few if any care about their job beyond a paycheck? Is it bad that ISM is so out of touch with their HA account and staff that they see victory and happiness where there is failure and deep discontent?

Posted on 12 July 2015

I guess the BC is operation is really no different than the Regina operation. This company is a joke and you've gotta be crazy to work here and stay here. I'm planning my exit as I type.

Posted on 16 June 2015

This is one of the best reviews for ISM so far. Spot on.

Posted on 27 January 2015

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