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ISM Canada

Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : Centre d'appels, Service clientèle

  • Just heard the root of ISM (BC)'s problems just got let go yesterday. Wonder why it took so long for them to let this guy go.

    Publié le 23 septembre 2014 par Évaluateur #39 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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So now that the Senior Manager has been tossed out have they solved all the problems at ISM? The answer is a big NO. Getting rid of one person does not solve the mountain of issues at ISM. They seem to rotate certain staff into more and more senior positions without them being overly qualified. The impression staff are given is if management likes you or you happen to look good you will be fast tracked into more and more senior positions be it official or unofficial. ISM seems to want to stop the rotting of the BC account but rather then cut out the problems they are using band-aids. Staff are not stupid they can see what is going on. Unless there is a purge going from the managers down to the team leads not much will change. The account will still suffer more and more. The Health Authorizes are fully aware of all that goes on at ISM and from what staff are saying are less than impressed. More and more clients are complaining about service. 95% of the issues others have put in posts for since ISM came to BC are still outstanding. ISM needs to clean house completely and stop using band-aids to fix ever-growing problems. If they want to keep the account they will act soon, if they prefer losing it in grand style then they will continue with band-aids.

Publié le 16 novembre 2014

I was Aux there once that got let go about 8 months ago, with not even a week notice. The Manager called me at home at night while I was having supper with my family and told me not to come in the next day and that I was being laid off. So inconsiderate of them to ruin my dinner and evening.
Then just recently they called to give me my job back apparently. It took me less than a millisecond to flat out turn them down. Their reaction was one of being surprised that anyone would turn down such a promising and lucrative career with them..lol

Publié le 28 septembre 2014

They are hiring because they finally were forced to fill in all the positions they emptied when they layed off all the AUX staff. Basically they are being forced to do it because it may mean losing the HA account if they do not. Never assume they do anything out of the goodness of their heart. The Union contract is almost up and they are shoring up left and right so they do not look like complete idiots for being close to losing a multimillion-dollar account. ISM for the full time employees is fine since you safe no matter what. For the AUX positions, it is really a tossup if these jobs will stay or sometime in the future suddenly be considered expendable. To many it seems like ISM is cleaning house and getting rid of all the problems that have driven the account down. The problem is most of the problems are still there and will probably still remain employed. Trust in management is a huge issue. Every time management has promised they will clean things up it has bite someone in the ass and the negative acts continue. Trust is lost easily and gained slowly as the saying goes. Is there trust in ISM management by staff? That is for you to determine by reading previous remarks about the company.

Publié le 27 septembre 2014

Any idea why they are hiring so much these days? I see new jobs being posted all the time, all over BC and in Victoria. Reading this wall makes it seem like a bad idea to go to work for these guys.

Publié le 26 septembre 2014

To little to late is what most staff are feeling. Yes one of the big problems are gone but what about the rest of them? One out of pages of issues all be it one of the largest is just not enough. A full management change is needed. Get rid of the old guard that allowed all the problems to happen. Playing musical chairs with their title or role is not enough. The union knows exactly were all the issues are and hopefully will spell it out to management. Either way the union will rake ISM over the coals when the union contract is up. Getting rid of one bad apple will not lessen the coming storm. Getting rid of more bad apples might help but I doubt it will be enough. The company will be forced to pay through the nose just to appease staff. If they do not well they face the consequences.

Publié le 23 septembre 2014

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