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home depot canada

Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : Centre d'appels, Service clientèle

  • If you value yourself as an individual, you will skip Home Depot as a potential employer.

    -You are expected to know as much as any seasoned contractor, but will only get a tiny fraction of the pay

    -Your personal time for family and your own life has no meaning in the eyes of management

    -Communication with higher management is sporadic and rare at best, especially when it comes to being paid

    -Managers are often incompetent and completely inexperienced in their own respective departments.

    -Most higher-level employees got to where they are by boot-licking

    -Managers often give conflicting orders

    As I am writing this, I am still waiting for my final pay (I left a few months ago, by the way) and am currently in the process of dropping a formal complaint to the relevant government agencies regarding Home Depot's systematic "forgetting" of issuing paychecks.

    Publié le 13 octobre 2013 par Évaluateur #23 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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