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home depot canada

Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : Centre d'appels, Service clientèle

  • too many managers giving orders to different departments. Some employees are working like crazy while others are trying to play fool and escape. No real work plan and work distribution.Managers are concerned on telling you little concerns on what cloth not to wear,or to punch after you put your shoes (as if 5 minutes will make the company poor...lol ..pretty cheap approach...instead of focusing in the quality of your work and the amount of effort you put in servicing your clients. The company might be worth it, but so poorly managed in general.New employees get the worst part because the not so new associates are trying to order them what to do (as if they had a management position)...in general takes the fun out of work. Overload of 3 customers per sales rep, non stop due to lack of employees, they need more people per floor.Last but not least, the training is a joke. there are so many details on so many different products, and they give you some general videos initially, but the real important details on selling the product you must learn it once you are on the floor and customers are asking you and you realize you know nothing. pretty awkward start for a company this big.

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