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  • I worked at store #7040 (Nanaimo, BC). Decent place to work in terms of retail. Majority of staff, ASM's, including the store manager are friendly and approachable. Unfortunately, typical low wages and seasonal fluctuations in hours associated with box stores detract from an otherwise good experience. This store is one of the top 3 performers for HD in BC.

    They are obsessively strict about paperwork & procedure due to the CYA mentality enshrined there. Ensure you keep records: paper, screenshots of your schedule/pay, and audio recordings in the form of smart phones in your pocket while conversing with supervisors & duty managers.

    Watch carefully your ROE for accuracy & compliance. All companies are required to file your ROE within 5 days, this is a very strict regulation. Mine was filed 31 days later, 2 months ago and was completely inaccurate. This has subsequently affected my EI claim and I am still working to get it corrected.

    Posted on 16 February 2017 by Rater #69 | Flag as inappropriate

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