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  • If you liked being critisized in front of everyone including
    customers then you should work here.If you also like
    your supervisor talking about you to others and actually catch
    them in the act and they still deny it then work here.If you like
    working really wonky hours and are available earlier in the day
    but they always put you into work late so you do not have any
    family time then work here.Your not allowed to ask for any holidays
    off around any type of holiday ex- easter,xmas etc.
    If you like rich and rude entitled customers who throw their bags
    at you and say get packing then work here.If your even a minute late punching back in they take it off your pay.If your till is over then they make you deposit it.Theres no envelope to put it in.If your under they take it off your pay.That is unfair they bank the overage but deduct if your under.Ask anyone in any department there and they will tell you its just as shitty in their department too.The owners walk around and dont even acknowledge their staff.Christmas time they dont do anything but give a free lunch to the employees.The employees upstairs in the office get cart blanche hours and special treatment while the ones who actually keep the store running are treated like shit.It is a grocery store sweat shop.The worst retail place i have ever worked in my life.Avoid this pkace like the plague if you can!This website would not allow no stars or even 1 star so had to choose 2 but they deserve none!

    Posted on 5 February 2019 by Rater #8 | Flag as inappropriate

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