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  • Terrible leadership with authoritarian leadership style and lack of skills, that often worked there for 2 or 3 decades. They are not able to see things from fresh perspective and take feedback personally. Working there is about who you know and not what you bring to the team. My department didn't hire people for 10 years, I was the first minority to work there. I was bullied for being new and was bullied for being a minority. And if you are a female in a non traditional industry, there is a lot of sexism there still. Racism and sexism has to go first before they claim they are a diverse workplace.

    Posted on 6 January 2021 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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Stuck up, narcissistic management that worked there for decades. You will not have meetings with your management, and if you catch them down the hallway, they will wave you off like you're a street beggar.
No employee evaluations, as if they are concerned you're going to actually succeed and do a good job, so they don't want to pay you more money. You will have no written record for your employee performance should you want to use that for your next job.
Very large mandatory pension deductions, and medical benefits. I was scrambling to pay my bills. If you have a student loan to get to your position you will be in trouble.
Bunch of hypocrites when it comes to the importance of the mental health of the employees. They will send you all the trending emails about "how important it is to speak about mental health", the minute you talk to your leadership about the poisonous work environment, they will do everything in their power to push you out of the workplace "they will make you feel like you are the problem because they don't want to take accountability ", "you are an inconvenience, it's easy to bring someone else to replace you". Do not fall for the mental health "let's talk" encouraging bull.
Racist work environment, that encourages minorities to work there to meet their mandated quota. When you work there as a minority, you will pay for it! You will be bullied for the way you speak, you will have people leaving the lunch room so they don't mingle with you, you will have people refusing to return "a hello" when you walk by. You will have people in similar positions as yours treating you like their minion, and passing on their less desirable work to finish for them, such as printing for your peers. Ask for management's assistance you will be threatened not to involve HR.
Bullying management that wants private meetings if you stand up for yourself. They will not involve your union reps claiming they are coaching you, when they never have work meetings with you, know your name, or know what project you're working on.
Union dues has to be paid, but the union has a lazy lawyer that doesn't want to get involved, they will send their union minions to attend critical meetings with you.
Management gives you project list late in a year, and blame lack of productivity on their employees.
Management reinforces dress code on certain employees and not others. Kiss their bottom you should be fine. If you are a workplace bully you should be fine too they will be too afraid to talk to you. They will make an example out of employee they are able to bully, or send a passive-aggressive email scolding the whole team, instead of directly talking to their target employee.
They favour employees who constantly spend hours giggling like little school children in their offices. If you are organized and put your head down to do your work, you will get bullied by their favourite employees because they are threatened by your work ethic, when asked for assistance, management will gaslight you when you speak against their favourite employees claiming "they are the best employees they have", as if it's not possible to be a good worker and a bully at the same time. Management lacks differentiation, they have a very black & white way of thinking.
They will discriminate, but when they hire you, they will claim they are a diverse workplace.
HR personnel told me in my employee orientation "the right hand doesn't speak to the left in HRM", very accurate description. I should have took it as a red flag and ran for the hill.
They invest no-money on organizing social events, they will collect money from little guys and they will spend most of it on birthdays of managers that make 6 figures/year, you will be lucky to get a decent cake for your birthday with money you contributed to. They will make you pay for their sad turkey on Christmas time claiming "they can't spend tax payers money on you", but they are okay paying their management hefty wages.
If you have a brain and bring ideas to the table, shut up and don't share. Leadership, gets offended that someone else has a brain, and they get insecure.
Don't fall for their company statement "we make a difference", If you are passionate about your work and love what you do, apply again when you don't care! You will be shocked about working with bunch of children in adult bodies, that will harass you because you care, you will be told "we did it this way, for 30 years, don't worry about it", or "I'm going to retire in 5 years, then it will be someone else's problem".
Feedback is not welcomed by micro-management, so coworkers are spending hours standing while complaining and gossiping about management. It's draining! It's almost like a cult, if you don't participate, you will be perceived as a threat by your coworkers!
Not very flexible with work from home due to micro-management, they encouraged me to use my vacation time instead of working from home, during bad snow storms, when my child care was closed. All my job tasks are on the computer. I hope they learned from COVID, but i doubt it! I'm pretty sure they will mandate working in the office at ALL TIMES, when they are allowed again, because you can't be that controlling and trust your Employees!
Sexism is just another festering problem there still in the construction industry. Some dinosaurs there don't know how to behave in front of anybody that's not a middle aged straight caucasian male. I had someone in a meeting grab my markup from my hand, used a different colour pen, because he simply didn't like how i was taking my own notes.
Shall you need to file a harassment claim, don't, just walk away! You will be put on mandatory leave, while they investigate, meanwhile your toxic co-workers are allowed to work. You will not get paid for administrative leave or be eligible for EI since you are technically still employed. They invited me to the investigation meetings, gave me a bus ticket to attend the meetings like street beggar, I didn't even get a taxi voucher or got paid for meetings that lasted for 2 hours or more at times. Just to put things into prospective, my harassment claim investigation lasted for 1 and half year, before they mandated my management to have a sit-down meeting with me. I left, because it was too little too late!

Posted on 6 January 2021

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