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Groupe Aldo


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Textile, Clothing, Leather, Lux, Cosmetic

  • I have worked for ALDO HQ for the lats year, which was the worst past year I ever had in my life. They suck the life out of you. Work load was just ridiculous and not balanced at all. I had to get in at 7h am so I can finish everything by 9h pm! that was my schedule for every single day. But don't forget you get paid from 9ham to 5h pm!!!! no overtime compensations. I am alowed to say this because in nature I am a really organized person that get's everything done in time and as expected and even more, but here to get things done it was a nightmare as you can see by the schedule I had. There are a lot of people that are not qualified working in the positions they are and sorry for the language but "don't know squat!!!" about anything they do. Sitting at a desk or in a individual office does not meen the person knows what he/she is doing they are there because they licked someone's behind to be there but have no knowledge about anything! Watch out for a huge load of backstabbing in this company, keep your ideas to your self and lead them your self, do not present it to no one not even your manager/director if you would like to implement something do it your self! I have come up with multiple ideas for the growth of the company which they said no to, but soon as I left, my ideas, my strategy were used through out every imaginable platform of ALDO and the person that once said no to me became a director. There are a lot of people not qualified for the title they are supporting and should not have that. If ALDO decides really who really should be there I strongly believe that ALDO would be the strongest brand out there. Creatively, ALDO is stagnant and lack people who can really bring something new creatively but when they do find someone they take advantage and take all ideas straight from your hands. People should be entitled to a title based on their knowledge, creating new ideas to generate growth for the company, new strategies and not be entitled to a title because you have lick someone's behind or he or she is "super cool", and sit on your behind and say "we are good where we stand here today", instead of moving the company forward and say " where can we go next"!

    Posted on 5 October 2012 by Rater #48 | Flag as inappropriate

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I'm just wondering what positions you worked at in the head office. I might have an opportunity to work in design and I'm just wondering if perhaps that division has a different mood to it ...

Posted on 28 November 2012

ALDO Is Money Hungry and Greedy.....the corporate individuals that own the Aldo Group are only in it for themselves to make MONEY....to make a Profit and all you workers who work for Aldo you are nothing to the Owners you are just there to help the owners rise and become more rich and no one cares about your happiness, well being or that you too can earn a profit so dont feel sorry for yourselfs just make a choice not to work for people who run businesses like ALDO.....get and Education and make yourself Rich instead of someone else...............and Oh yeah Dear Aldo stop pushing your staff to sell shoe products.....sprays......shoe polish and so on.....if I need some I will buy it otherwise do not force your staff to promote shoe products to me for like 10 min it wont work..........stop baddering your cutomers.....Aldo does already wll how much more money do you want to make....stop being so greedy and maybe for once listen to your staff and make them happy........Have you ever heard the saying "Happy Employees Make A Happy Sucessful Company...when emplyees are happy the company does well..............

Posted on 14 October 2012

I totally agree with you! I worked there and quit this year in May because i wouldn't talk about their new perfume line! They sent me home took me off the schedule and gave me 1-2 shifts a week, TO DO STOCK!!!!
Cheques got lost in the mail, and they worked you to the bone!!! Unreal, i was so miserable there!

Posted on 10 October 2012

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