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Groupe Aldo


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Textile, Clothing, Leather, Lux, Cosmetic

  • Aldo was the worst place i've ever worked in my life. I worked there for 3 1/2 months and quit cause I couldn't take it. They have ridiculous quotas and no recognition or compensation for the hard work you do. when i worked there, sales were set at 200$ an hour, 3% had to be shoe care and 11% had to be handbag sales. That means in a 5 hour shift, you'd have to sell 1000$ worth of product, and within that 2 handbags (no one ever made this) and at least like 5 pieces of shoe care. Sell a 200$ pair of boots with no shoe care? your quotas are doomed already for the day. No commission, just the discount for part-time employees. One week I made one of top 15 employees out of ALL OF CANADA (they have weekly rating charts) and the next week they were yelling at me cause I was 5% down in my handbag quota for the day. No respect for employees, no wonder there isn't one single staff that still works there when I walk by.

    Posted on 24 March 2015 by Rater #64 | Flag as inappropriate

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sorry had to add to this after reading some others and having memories come back(original writer). Even though they assigned you some ridiculous quotas, they then ON TOP of all you had to do would assign you to hours of stocking or shipping work and would STILL EXPECT YOU TO MEET YOUR QUOTAS AND GET MAD AT YOU IF YOU DIDNT. My very first shift, there was 30 stray floor shoes that had to be put back into their boxes in storage (btw, their storage room is 20 ft high and crammed all the way to the ceiling with shoe boxes and you have to climb ladders 80% of the time) and they assignment me to put these 30 STRAY shoes away. I took 15 minutes ON MY FIRST day trying to locate these shoes with their number/letter storage system, was so proud I did it in 15 minutes and then the store manager yelled at me until I was on the verge of tears for taking too long.
Also, they would always assign "on call" shifts (how employers still get away with this is beyond me). It took me 30 minutes to get to work (I live outside the city) and they expect you to take at least an hour to get ready for work (since they have such high-trend beauty standards) and literally told me I had to completely get ready for work say on a Sunday and then I could call and ask if I could come into work and was expected to be ready if they said yes (1h notice). One time, I called hoping I wouldn't have to come in, and my manager went "well, we don't need you right now, call back in an hour and we'll see if we need you then." NO???? THIS ISN'T HOW ON CALL SHIFTS WORK, I HAVE STUFF TO DO AND A DAY TO PLAN IF I'M NOT WORKING. then I called back an hour later and she told ME THE SAME THING. I HAD TO WASTE MY ENTIRE DAY THAT I WASNT GETTING PAID ANYWAYS TO POSSIBLY GO ON THIS ON CALL SHIFT (and didn't end up going in).
They also have ridiculous and hypocritical beauty standards, I had about 2-3 shifts a week, and they literally made you go through their "high-fashion" magazine that's released every few weeks and make you go buy some of the new trends of clothes they were having. I asked my manager if I could have just a few outfits per "beauty trend" as I only worked a few shifts a week. and she told me NO and that I had to have a new outfit everytime and change my style of makeup everyday?? uhm why???? customers won't notice if I wear eyeliner one day and not eyeliner the next??? (she seriously told me to do this). and yet she wore the same outfit at least once a week so why can't i have just a few to pick through for my shifts????? I HATED ALDO SO MUCH. DO NOT WORK THERE. THEY RUINED MY LIFE AND MADE ME CRY EVERY NIGHT.

Posted on 24 March 2015

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