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Groupe Aldo


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Textile, Clothing, Leather, Lux, Cosmetic

  • I never hate anyone in my whole life; however, I hate Call It Spring (from Aldo Group) from the bottom of my heart. This was the worst job I had ever had. From what I experienced at work, I think it was the business model at Spring that made everything the worst. I would show some working experiences with you.
    First, low pay but you had to work extremely hard. I mean, many retails have low pay for sales. When I worked there, the stock room at the back had limited spaces. We all had to climb stairs, bumped into boxes and running around non-stopping. At the end of the shift, I always had many scars on my hands. I never felt that exhausted after work. I experienced the worst at Spring.
    Second, NO value, trust or appreciation on staff. "Policy" says staff checks each other's purses when you come in and go out. I felt so disturbed when the manager or other staff checked every pocket of my purse. I heard it was to prevent stealing. I am telling you, this company acts like they are in the National Defense department. Top secret! Ridiculous!
    Third, no flexibility and bad management. Every time, when I walked in the store a few minutes before the shift started, I wasn't allowed to sign in because they had to pay me a few mins more. OMG! That was a few more cents they had to pay u! How stupid and discouraging! You are given short shifts; worse than that, they can ask you to go home after 2-3 hours. I booked my day for work and then I was told to go home because no one came in to buy shoes. When they had new stocks coming in and some staff was asked to come in for 2 hours just to set up new displays. They never considered that you had bills to pay and had a life to live too.
    Forth, an ignorant so-called regional manager came in to "check" the store and staff. I wanted to laugh so much that he acted like an army captain. All of us got our nerve up. Every client came in and was "bothered" by us saying "what can I help you" although they wanted to be let alone. We had to do that because the manager didn't want us to stop and do nothing. Some of us had to pretend to sort out the displays although they were done already. I felt like we were being treated like kids and were learning how to behavior.
    Fifth, one day, one of the staffs lost a key. We got asked 3 times in a month to check our purses. 3 times!!! The reasons were that we didn't check our purses or pockets carefully. The key migt be inside our purses. They probably suspected someone stole the key. If that someone wanted to steal the key, did you think he or she would return it after you asked to check 3 more times?
    All in all, I quit after a month or so because I hated it very much. I don't recommend anyone to work there. Please RUN!

    Posted on 6 June 2013 by Rater #52 | Flag as inappropriate

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