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  • Completely disappointed with my experience of working for this company. Thankfully I realized very quickly that it was not my cup of tea. I received very little support and training during my first few weeks with the company. The worst part was that the manager in charge of training the new hires was falling asleep every few minutes during our training. And when he was awake he would be praising himself and would be telling stories of how good he was at his job. And the next week he would be blaming me for my lack of product knowledge. The question is: how can I learn from a person who is barely awake during the training? Other than that the majority of the team are great interesting people to work with. Just feel sorry that they have to deal with some of the practices implemented in this company.

    Posted on 9 September 2018 by Rater #24 | Flag as inappropriate

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You wish to leave so you can go. We no want the people who can no do job. We are open to the people’s who want to work but there is free country as they say so please for all sakes spread wings and fly to toaster. We all wish this, not just you. It is weak employee who can not handle day to day importance of the wood. Wood is strong and long unlike the weak sales. Geometrik is very good and we welcome all. Others please come to work and do not believe upset weak employee.

Posted on 19 September 2018

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