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Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Other Consumer Goods & Services

  • One of the managers always asks me how to do manager duties, which only managers are trained and authorized to do. I am a sales associate. I usually suggest that she ask one of the other managers. Her response is to simply ask me the question again. I worked there for 2 years, and people who were hired 1 month ago are getting more hours. They kiss the derriere of the managers -- I didn't. And the hours are not for lack of availability, because I was only unavailable one day. I helped set up multiple stores, and I am frequently asked to instruct the new employees. I work hard constantly and am well trained in all the different positions (cash, sales floor, fits, backroom... most other people only do one). I am told I do a "perfect job" on tasks and with customers, yet I am paid minimum wage and get very few hours. I asked for ~30 when I started and was told that would be very do-able. I received about 4-8. We are supposed to have Reviews every 6 months, but the store manager puts them off so she doesn't have to give people raises/ pay them more (I heard managers talking about it before). I should have had four reviews, and I only had one. MODs are not good at keeping on top of breaks... if an MOD shift is over, they don't tell the next manager about upcoming breaks. You pretty much have to keep track on your own. My experience here steadily became shittier and shittier, which sucks because I feel so much pride for my brand. The reason most people probably don't just quit is because of the employee discount, which works at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and the Outlets. If you are looking to make very little money but get a good discount, then this job is for you. Abuse that discount as much as you can. The job gives you good customer experience for a first job, but it is not something you should consider as serious employment.

    Posted on 28 January 2012 by Rater #4 | Flag as inappropriate

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