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  • Frustrating.

    Working as a cable tech in Ottawa is definitely worthwhile for the money because the job market here is terrible. I strongly recommend this if you are stuck in low-wage jobs. Be warned this is a difficult job to do if you care about doing quality work by the book.

    This is a negative review but most of the problems have to do with the nature of cable work and not Forefront itself.

    I worked for this company a few years back. Many of the problems have to do with Rogers, not Forefront, but Forefront works for Rogers so it affects the job.

    Rogers dispatch pushes techs to do more calls than are possible, with rude dispatchers barely old enough to drive asking "what's taking so long" when you've barely just arrived on site.

    They seem to think your calls involve just swapping out boxes and leaving, not taking the time to do tests to find the source of the problem, crawling through crawl spaces full of junk and mice and spiders, or installing new lines. You know, doing the job and serving customers properly.

    Rogers dispatchers will also randomly assign jobs to you and log off without telling you, so you'll be on the hook for doing jobs you weren't notified about. When you get back to your computer after being up a ladder or crawling through a crawlspace you might find out that you only have 1 hour to finish the job you're on and then start and finish 2 other jobs at 2 opposite ends of your zone of town. Sometimes the other dispatchers can help you assign those jobs to someone else, sometimes not.

    The Rogers trainer had zero people skills, would lock students out, and tear a strip off of them for being even 2 minutes late. A few times he was late to class himself. I have no respect for that person and he shouldn't be teaching nor trusted with managing people.

    One manager I can't name because of guidelines was a great guy and really made working there worthwhile. It was always a pleasure to work with him. He was the living model of what a manager should be.

    Other managers had no idea who I was and when they showed up to help me on a call were generally rude and treated me like an incompetent for not knowing certain things. Usually things I'd never been taught in the first place.

    You can stay on the job until 11:00 at night to make sure it gets done and you get stone cold silence from the office, but if you get to the first job the next day at 7:01 you get an earful.

    You can have your pay for entire calls pulled for even one minor error, like not using the new grounding blocks for grounding the system, even if you were never notified that the new block were mandatory, let alone that they even exist. If a piece of Rogers tech like the HD box fails within 30 days, your pay gets pulled. If a Bell sales rep convinces that customer to cancel and switch to Bell through no fault of your own? Your pay gets pulled for that call. Just accept this as part of the job and don't let it bother you.

    A lot of Rogers' rules and regulations are contradictory and make no sense, like if you are parked at the curb and not in the customer's driveway you have to leave your beacon light on. Well that beacon light drains the battery in less than 30 minutes.

    So if an inspector stops in on you and you don't have the beacon on, you get berated for not having the beacon on, but if you do have the beacon on you drain your battery to zero and so to follow the rule properly you have to ask the customer or a neighbour for a boost after every single call.

    When I handed in my resignation they wanted me to stay and said I was one of their best techs. Funny all I ever heard while I worked there was how terrible I was, then I quit and they want me to stay? Makes no sense.

    Work here if you need money and can let the negatives roll off your back. I got a higher paying opportunity elsewhere and moved on but if that hadn't come up I'd still work at Forefront. Ottawa is a hard job market and Forefront is a good opportunity.

    Posted on 16 February 2017 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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