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Federated Co-operatives Ltd

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Wholesale Trade

  • Supervisers are ok but new manager has tunel vision
    He does not listen anybudy , and also he does not have people skills
    all are people know him is bad thing
    Never talked to anybuddy
    people do not like him
    This is for Co-op federated food wearhouse

    Posted on 9 April 2008 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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I have been a long term employee with co-op, I really used to love coming to work. Then my manager kept piling work on me and I stepped up to help out, and what did I get for a year of hard work, giving a 110%? Hours cut and accused of "bashing co-op on Facebook" which by the way is in no way truth! Plus when I had enough of the drama and being unappreciated and transferred to a different position, my manager did not even thank me for my hard work, wish me good luck or even say good bye! He did not recognize what kind of worker he had when I was there, now I have managers from other departments and other locations in town asking me to come work for them, at least other people within the company can see what kind of an employee I am. Not to mention that now staff at that location want to transfer out of there because the same thing is happening to them.

Posted on 7 May 2013

It's interesting that people that comment poorly on here can't spell. Maybe that is why their employer doesn't talk to them. As employers we have a job to do, unlike some staff feel that it is nessasary to visit all the time. Have you ever heard of stealing company time. Unless you are on coffee or lunch you should be working

Posted on 1 December 2011

I agree. He no like me eethir. Him make me work sumtime. me like new bald kid superviser.

Posted on 8 May 2008

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