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  • Pandemic pay... not one of EORLA's higher up stood up for phlebotomist.Absolutely NO changes to our safety has been brought, we poke 20-30 patients and come back to the lab like it is nothing.

    Worst bunch of clowns I've ever worked for. Expect's/bully's employees with the "putting the lab/patients in peril" but they do nothing to cover lack of staff or adjust workload. The lack of staff was created because of companies like this. NO ONE WANTS TO WORK FOR EORLA. The borderline acceptable pay is the only thing keeping people in this company. We are lucky to not see a crash through hospital EAST wide.

    Managers are promoted and not trained in the position which has given every site an absolute piece of turd enforcing EORLA's bully tactics. A MONKEY COULD MANAGE BETTER THAN THEM!

    If you love patient care, quality in your work. STAY FAR, FAR away, they will kill ALL motivation. You will end up hatting your work and yourself as they dig deeper in you.

    Technicians, you are a bi tch to the all mighty, do nothing/load a machine technologist.

    Managers will push technicians to the breaking point with no ergonomics assessment. complaints are ignored as they cost money to address.

    Bring back the labs, how they used to be before EORLA. When people were happy to work and were proud to be techs.

    Publié le 14 novembre 2020 par Évaluateur #36 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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