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Elemental Data Collection Inc.

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • This place is abusive even if you work hard... you actually get belittled more because they pick on people with empathy and standards opposed to the slackers with a lack of consciousness because they are to put it bluntly, a dead end road. Sick of seeing reviews defending this company because if you "just work hard and show your trying" they DO NOT CARE. THEY DO NOT HAVE EMPATHY. It's a fable. Most positive reviews are probably written by the perpetrators.

    Most people who work here are trashy, loud obnoxious. Sounds like an ad hominem but it is the truth. People leave garbage behind they hire anyone

    Was scheduled to work during the times I had class despite giving them my school schedule weeks in advance. They did this schedule right after I gave them 2 weeks resignation; so they put me in a catch 22 to loose -100 dollar because school obviously comes first. So instead of quitting 2 weeks later I had to quit on the spot because school comes first.

    Yeah you basically have to be a sociopath to work here most people here are callous, bitter, jealous people who play mind games. If you didn't start out personality disordered congrats this place makes you it.

    Manipulation, deceit, apathy. 3 key words to describe this calculated place.

    Never work for private companies unless you are absolutely sure they are ethical. Don't be ignorant or desperate; do your research and use your intuition ( gut feeling) This would never happen in a public sector government job. Plus you get benefits in the government.

    This place feels like a mind control cult tbh. No exaggeration. Cameras everywhere and it's clear you are being "watched" and pressured. No ability to relax and these dunces don't understand productivity would actually increase if they didn't act so aggressive and power tripping but I guess that's on them.

    Hopefully their inability to conduct self reflection is their downfall.

    Posted on 6 September 2019 by Rater #117 | Flag as inappropriate

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