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Elemental Data Collection Inc.

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • Do NOT trust this company to provide you with statistically significant results if you’re serious about your study. The quality control is almost absent, and the little of it is undermined by huge productivity pressure along with an absence of employee benefits, respectful environment and working conditions. The management team is mainly divided into two major sections, both being severely flawed:
    Quality control monitoring: Quality control is not tight enough and allows for huge errors to make it into the studies. It also offers advice against all mathematical principles and applied statistics:
    - Aggressively begging for surveys is highly encouraged even when many respondents clearly state that their responses may not have any statistical significance, either because they are not familiar with the subject or simply feel they does not qualify. “your opinion still counts” is a common refusal conversion technique enforced by managers to bring clueless respondents into the survey.
    - Encourages tone of voice alterations: In order to keep respondents engaged, quality control management encourages interviewers to alter the tone of voice when asking questions. This often leads the respondent into an answer or sometimes even discourages them from choosing the answer they prefer. Monotonous, robotic voices provide flawlessly accurate statistical results and are yet heavily discouraged due to productivity issues.
    - Questions are not clearly and loudly read twice to the respondent and many respondents select an answer without having understood the question, often due to poor phone connection, interviewer accent or other issues, or because they just want to finish the survey. When a respondent asks for the question to be repeated, the repetition only contributes to increase the variance in ANOVA analyses because other interviewers only read that same question once. Bored respondents often select the (10) option over 15 times in a row because they don’t care, and no interviewer ever objects it because they want a +1 for productivity.
    Quality control monitors talk about statistics but themselves couldn’t compute a single standard deviation calculation and have no specialised education whatsoever in anything related to math. Many of them have often stated that they hate math.
    Productivity monitoring: Severely undermines quality control, narrow sighted, chronically fails to realize what is truly going on in the call center, internationally and globally. They employ micro-management because they don’t know what to do and have no crisis management skills. Life-saving insight and suggestions from top performers is seen as offensive and is punished with straight out lack of respect or passive aggressive behaviour towards them.
    The management team’s lack of insight costs the company:
    (11$)*(Number of people in the field)*[1- (average daily low rate)/(average target rate)]* (#hours)
    During every crisis, up to 5,000$ is lost in this manner, which could be easily saved with a simple strategy adjustment, which of course does not include begging, spamming and other offensive behaviour towards the general public. The loss of revenue adds to the productivity pressure, further undermining quality control: A downwards spiral.
    It became apparent that the management team did not have a proper understanding of the dynamics of the call center, along with the dynamics of the region being dialled. Improper actions were taken that resulted in near catastrophe and loss in company revenue. Those actions cannot be detailed here due to privacy issues.

    Posted on 26 September 2014 by Rater #87 | Flag as inappropriate

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I don't see what "but themselves couldn’t compute a single standard deviation calculation and have no specialised education whatsoever in anything related to math" has to do with the supervisors' and monitors' positions - they're not correlating the studies, my understanding is that the commissioning firms do that, and we interviewers are just collecting the data. The supervisors and monitors are just there to babysit, and sadly, it's necessary for most of the staff.

Posted on 12 November 2014

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