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Elemental Data Collection Inc.

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • It is a horrible sweatshop in downtown of Ottawa, ON. They make good money for market research, demanding unrealistic results, hiring students (mostly) with pretty much excellent research and communication skills and treating them as garbage.
    Kitchen was really disgusting (I worked there in 2012), they did not have a space for break for so many people, did not allow them to go to washroom when needed,

    I had to use my 15-minute break to go to washroom. When they allow break, you are on the phone for a 45-minute survey and you cannot go. When you have finished on the phone, they do not allow you to have your break because they can fit only 5 people in that dirty kitchen. For the same job in horrible conditions they provide for 10.25 an hour, another company next door paid me 12 dollars an hour, and the office was clean and there were 4 times fewer interviewers.
    I worked in Elemental Data Collection for a month and quit. Moreover, I have a degree in market research, they criticized me and deducted points a few times for reasons I do not agree, they pay too many people who do quality control and chase interviewers as dogs chase animals for every word. Maybe it makes sense to pay for cleaning that kitchen and add an additional dollar to the interviewers? I did not have enough EI insured hours for a few months I was out of work, that is why I decided to try this, but it was horrible. When I moved to another company that paid me 12 dollars an hour, I could use my break any time + go to washroom when needed and nobody treated me as if I were an animal. I liked that company I moved to. So, the problem is NOT that it is a call centre. They just treat people as if they are animals.
    I do not understand why 100+ people are prohibited to have a break when they need it, why they have the office that accommodate only 5 people during the break simultaneously, when they make so much money in market research. When I left and spent 3 following months in another call centre I was respected and I could have a break when I needed and the kitchen was large and clean and I was treated with respect.
    So, I can compare 2 call centres located in 5-minute walking distance and I would say that Elemental Data Collection was a place where I felt being a slave.
    They do many government contracts and government must see how they treat employees and next time award contracts to other call centres. When they do contracts for the US companies, the US companies do not care, but the Canadian government should come and see the conditions of employees and control them.

    Posted on 26 July 2014 by Rater #83 | Flag as inappropriate

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