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Elemental Data Collection Inc.

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • Elemental Data is an incredibly disrespectful workplace to be a part of.

    -The initial training consists of how to guilt people into taking your phone survey and how to read word per word, though barely touches upon how to use the computer program you'll be using every shift.

    -Employees' shifts are cut without notice because they are not meeting quota. Instead of helping the employee improve their skills, they cut their shifts, and it has been done where they have cut an entire weeks worth of shifts with zero notice. If people have bills to pay, and they are suddenly not working for an entire week without being warned or prepared, what are they meant to do in order to put food on the table? HR and management also do not explain to employees why they do this, other than saying "based on your quota," despite employees saying if they are taught how to do the job properly, they would meet quota.

    -All the emphasis is placed on reaching quota, while none is placed on the individual. Workers are not congratulated or rewarded for doing a good job, though are constantly reminded of how they can improve (and not professionally, either).

    -On that note, workers get discouraged from asking for help because when they do, supervisors shoo them away claiming to be too busy, or that the worker should already know how to do it. Workers are told to ask questions whenever necessary, but are belittled or aren't helped when they do.

    -Management sends out unprofessional and demeaning emails to employees as "gentle reminders." One e-mails stated some employees were leaving messes behind at their computer stations, and instead of dealing with those employees individually, management sent out a mass email saying they would "withdraw break privileges" from any employee who leaves a mess behind (examples included scraps of paper). When winter began, management sent out a mass e-mail that, instead of asking people to leave earlier in order to get to work on time due to the winter weather, stated: "Scientists did a study to help people find a solution. They discovered that leaving earlier that you usually do during the summer months can dramatically increase your chances of being at work on time." Management is incredibly unprofessional towards workers.

    This is not my first job, and the others jobs I have held, I've stayed at for over a year for each one. I am not the type of employee to quit with no notice because one thing goes wrong. However, employees at Elemental are treated like replaceable cattle, not human beings. It has been known that certain supervisors also make employees cry, and nothing ever gets done about it, no matter how many times employees report anything.

    Posted on 20 December 2013 by Rater #73 | Flag as inappropriate

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