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  • At EAI, you start off great, and then you see how poorly the operations work in this company:

    - The company grew to 500+ employees in 2018-2019 and are now closer to 200. There have been lots of people who left because of how dysfunctional this company is beneath all of the fake happy-culture front they mask themselves with.

    - The HR department is beyond useless (if you browse the reviews, you'll see that most are about how terrible HR is). How these people got hired to manage other people is beyond me. They do not have any business acumen whatsoever. There are probably only 3 people left in the entire department. They don't communicate properly or at all, and when you confront them about this, they take it personally and make excuses without ever fixing it. If you want something to remain confidential, don't count on it, everything is said irregardless of your request to remain anonymous or silent.

    - Unethical practices, such as firing a woman as she was on her maternity leave.

    - The COO (the CEO's wife) went through 4-5 executive assistants in the last 4 years, which is telling on how disorganized the department is managed.

    - When COVID Work-from-home protocols were put into place, the company fired 15% of their staff, from all departments, but apparently gave their C-levels a bonus (hard times!)

    - Money mismanagement: This company was constantly provided with financing and is not making a profit.

    - The IT department doesn't adopt the latest tools or processes that a normal IT department would have in a corporate setting.

    - The facilities department fired all of their employees. The manager of the department doesn't even respect his own COVID protocols

    - No opportunities to grow in your career. They'll give you this placebo setting where they'll talk about your ambitions and future growth, and put you through yearly surveys, but nothing ever happens about it. All talk, no action.

    - Contractors are constantly experiencing issues with accesses to EAI tools and information and spend lots of time trying to fix those issues instead of being productive.

    Posted on 26 November 2020 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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