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  • I have worked here for over a year. I love it! I have great team mates, and a supportive director. The families love our centre. We have a great curriculum program and are provided with everything we need to do a great program. I can't imagine working anywhere else. People who are writing negative comments are probably people who have been let go. What a shame, that only the neg comments make a website.

    Posted on 27 October 2013 by Rater #32 | Flag as inappropriate

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I was certainly not "let go". I blew the whistle on an incident where a child drank a bottle of medication and management threatened our jobs should we alert the child's parents. The entire thing was hushed until I told upper management.. At which point our director was merely transferred from our centre to another. This prompted me to quit. Disgusting.

Posted on 19 December 2013

I was not let go either and this company is awful. I loved my supervisor, the girls I worked with and the families but the company as a whole does nothing and respects nothing. The curriculum is NOT age appropriate and Carol is the worst area manager and one of the biggest liars I have met along with her puppet Siji

Posted on 8 November 2013

I was not let go, I left on my on because I don't need to be treated like a piece of dirt. I work hard and deserve better. So do the children and the families who trust their child at Edleun/Brightpath centres...you are just a number and only worth 3% on a pitiful wage for a hard days work.

Posted on 6 November 2013

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