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Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Accommodation, Food Services

  • Earls Willow park in Calgary (BOH) is a terrible place to work.
    Please seriously dont apply here unless you want to be indoctrinated, treated like a slave, and set to work with impossible expectations in a filthy kitchen. This is my second kick at the can with Earls, so I knew what to expect but this location is particularly out of hand. The kitchen is plagued with extreme negativity, total lack of communication, and poor quality training. The managers are inexperienced, not held accountable for their behaviour and the only ones making any money. Endless complaints re schedule conflicts indicate total apathy towards staff. As a career part time hospitality person 30 years old, with 10 year exp (including previous Earls exp) I had to fight for 11.5/hour and BOTH the two paycheques I was there long enough to receive were incorrect.
    Possibly the second dirtiest kitchen I have ever worked in. Basically no proper food handling or sanitization practice enforced whatsoever. Including (I personally witnessed) mould in the dish area and on the prep kitchen ceiling, food dropped on the floor and still used, rotten food stored in the walk in, rotten chicken cooked off as prep and put into rotation (none ever got to the table, hopefully), prepped food stored incorrectly, 'chicken water' poured over dry goods, prepped chicken dropped in beef blood and still used, broken glass served in soup (to staff member, thankfully), olive oil contaminated with dirty water and used as a garnish, a panfry cook resting his foot on the rim of a sani water bucket, and I personally found a bandaid in a tuna portion.
    Consistent with Earls doctrine, raises and promotions seem to be mostly based on social connections and adherence to wildly high policy related expectations [they can fire you for any reason] and not on work ethic or merit. Honesty and hard work will do nothing for you here.
    Earls can be a great company to work for, but something is seriously wrong with this location.

    Posted on 2 May 2012 by Rater #4 | Flag as inappropriate

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