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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Wood Products and Paper

  • Email from manager to his team.

     This email is directed at no person in particular and culminates from no incident in particular. I write this now in the spirit of being able to discuss at our Superintendent Meeting tomorrow and not as a finger pointing exercise. It has been brought to my attention that perhaps my expectations are unclear or contradictory at times so I wish to clarify. In no particular order (and pardon the glibness):
    ·        I should not have to hear through the GM that a maintenance issue has taken the mill process down (especially during day shift)
    ·        I should not be the first to arrive at the scene of a maintenance issue
    ·        I should not have to wait for an excessive amount of time at the scene of a maintenance issue for other people (Workers or Staff) to join me
    ·        If I am calling you directly regarding a maintenance issue (whether immediate or long term), I am actually asking you a question regardless of whether or not it has been framed as a question – I will expect an answer to be forthcoming
    ·        If I am offering a suggestion as to how something should be done, the question of IF it should be done has likely already been answered… I am also looking for an actual plan for putting it in place
    ·        If I provide clear instructions for something to happen, I fully expect it to happen as instructed or at least be provided with a reason why it did not either prior to or at the time – telling me why after the fact will not cut it
    ·        If requested, regular reporting will NOT be “by exception” unless explicitly stated otherwise (i.e. hourly updates happen every hour – if nothing changes report that nothing changed)
    ·        If I have not made clear a specific time period to provide a response, a good rule of thumb is given below:
    o   Phone call to cell – immediate
    o   Text Message – within an hour
    o   2nd Text Message – immediate
    o   Email – Within the next day or stipulated timeframe
    o   2nd Email – Stipulated timeframe or same day
    o   Phone call to landline – disregard (I will rarely leave voicemail and will either ask through other means or find out the information from someone else)
    ·        I expect accountability to be pushed to the lowest possible level, up to and including, workers. It is my role to “supervise” and provide direction to you as Superintendents. It is your role to “supervise” and provide direction to your Supervisors and other staff. It is the role of Supervisors (and other staff) to supervise and provide direction to workers and contractors. It is the role or workers and contractors to carry out the work as directed. Each role noted also has the accountability to deal with “supervisees” when those instructions are not carried out. If required, I will step into the appropriate role and carry out the duties necessary, with the caveat that, if I need to do that, I will be questioning the utility of the roles within that line of accountability to the maintenance organization.
    ·        I will fully recognize the efforts and long hours of those expend that work doing what is required – this recognition will not extend to additional effort and long hours due to the lack of proper expectation (or inability) of others to do their work – fixing that lack of expectation (or inability) is where efforts will be rewarded
    ·        Never say “…but that’s the way we have always done it…”
    ·        Never say “That’s not my job” (except in the sense of pushing accountability downwards)
    I fully understand that there is an adjustment period for all involved and that there will be a period of growing pains until everyone is comfortable with the expectations, but this should be nothing new. Perhaps my approach will be different from those that have come before but it is a necessary approach and should be part of the culture. The good news is that I expect nothing of anyone that I have not expected of myself – I have done these roles before. The bad news is that I expect …

    Posted on 22 July 2021 by Rater #12 | Flag as inappropriate

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Posted on 22 July 2021

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