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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • Worst work environment ever. Too many power tripping supervisors and area managers that makes a new rule every day. Scheduling unfair. Doesn't matter if you've been there 3 yrs or 8...new hire =the most hours. So unfair and not worthy of ANY LOYALTY. Doesn't matter if you go above and beyond for customer service. ..God forbid you package a customers heavy order with 2 bags and you get written up! Can't pull down roller shades to help staff see and be cooler at cash- nope not until 7pm! Unreasonable when your windows face due west in blazing summer sun. The ones that do little to nothing get kudos and hard working staff get shit on. Poorly managed stores because of sooooo many stupid little rules, that management won't stand up to district managers and their "opinions"- when they don't see nor know the day to day business of retail. If you complain about ANYTHING. ..there goes your scheduled hours for the next 3 weeks. Thou shalt not have ANY OPINION OR SUGGESTION. H.O. does nothing to support its work force. The little people who keep the fat cats fat. Pathetic, toxic environment. Boycott them. Don't work, or support them. Write a letter to H.O. and see IF you get a response. Good luck! They don't deserve YOU or YOUR $. Had enough and fed up with their BS!

    Posted on 31 May 2016 by Rater #112 | Flag as inappropriate

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