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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I was a model employee of dollarama at the Newmarket 404 plaza for over 2 years until a new manager came in and my joy for working for dollarama came to a crash they lost my medical note from my doc 3 time say I have major back problems and I was hired knowing all this my hours got cut they ignored the fact that I could not be on a ladder is I was having back spazzes and the back room was all ways a Heath hazard to myself and for the other staff and when I didn't do something because it would of hurt even put me in the hospital I got punished for it what I would do in 7 hours I had to do in 5 hours then had to do it in 4 hours and the manager didn't like it when I told him that he was being unrealistic I was also hearing about some inappropriate behavior from the manager and reported it to my DM and asked for a transfer then on Dec 1 st I got handed a letter saying I was being fired for reporting the bad behavior of my manger and I would get two weeks pay and my vacation pay the letter was dated November 20th I did not get my pay and the head office had no clue what I was talking about they finally sent the head office the paper work on December 28th stating that's the day I was fired and I will not be getting my two weeks I have also been band from the store for no reason what's so ever the manager and the DM are scum doing this to a hard working person who did nothing wrong thanks to them my kids did not have a Christmas and they should have been the ones to lose their job and yes I am taking legal action against them

    Posted on 5 January 2016 by Rater #108 | Flag as inappropriate

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I hope you also get the old manager at your court hearing or whatever its called. He can be a good witness to what your capable of doing.

Also speak to Ministry of Labor and see what they can do and speak to some sorta advocate about people who are disabled.

Posted on 2 February 2016

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