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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I've been working for Dollarama for a year and half now, although I am still only a cashier. I was promised 25 hours a week and then after six months of work I was told I'd be bumped up to full time hours. I only get 10 hours a week now, and that's if I'm lucky. Because Cashiers hardly get any hours (there's 4 of us including myself), the keyholders are now forced to man cash which means that they cannot get any stock out, and on top of that their hours are being cut as well. Most of them work 20 hours while the ASM and SM both are on full time hours(sometimes they get more that 40hrs a week!). The DM comes in about once a month and every time he does he wants a whole aisle(or more) rearranged completely or complains about there not being enough stock on the shelves. My SM has been trying to get more hours for all of us but always just gets the response of a grunt and shrug by the DM. Also, because keyholders have to cover cash because of cashiers not getting enough hours, the cashiers have to do stocking when they're in, to cover the work that the keyholders can't get done. Which means we're expected to be in two places at the same time, both up the ladder stocking and on cash serving customers. You can't win. You either get told off for not getting the stock out because you were serving customers or you get told off for trying to get the stock out and not being on cash and serving customers. On top of doing that the cashiers are also expected to front face, clean the whole store, put away returns, fill the pop coolers, the gum, chocolate bars, reading/sunglasses and fill the chips. There is only ever one cashier on a day (except for busy times of the year like around xmas) it's so stressful to work there. I could be in the best of moods but as soon as I walk through those doors it's like a fog of complete misery comes over me. Just last weekend I had hurt my back at work, and I was still made to do heavy lifting and push through the pain. It was so bad the next day I had to call in, I couldn't even stand upright. My SM tried to convince me to come in, telling me just to work on cash. Apparently the fact that I couldn't even stand upright didn't matter. Sorry but I'm not messing up my health for such a terrible company. I wish there were negative stars as a rating because this company doesn't even deserve a single star. We're just tools for the higher ups to play with and toss around. We're slaves. They don't care about their employees, only the money that lines their pockets. I wish jobs were easier to find, I want to quit so incredibly badly. Every shift is just plain torture(even if it's only 4 hours long). And don't think about booking time off for something important like a doctor's appointment. You're not likely to get it and if you do you're made to feel terrible about it the next shift you work. If you're looking for a great employment opportunity skip this company all together for your own good.

    Posted on 8 July 2015 by Rater #101 | Flag as inappropriate

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