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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • When looking at this I was shocked there were no entries from Newfoundland given the stores here suck just as bad as the rest of the country. I've worked at many stores across this great province and I rest now in the big city. Although there are a myriad of issues on a store level it's not hard to see that the issues are more deep rooted than that and truly start with corporate. There is zero regard for any and all employees from cashiers to managers.Skeeting hours and underpaying staff? I'm fairly sure it's their business model. In one store they have an assistant manager as acting manager for months now and refuse to give any pay increase or so much as a one time bonus, with no end in site.
    In another store there are so many mice and rats that food on the sales floor regularly has to be disposed of.
    At every store I've worked everyone complains about the state of the skids. It is so dangerous,people regularly get hurt. Employees are constantly urged not to report incidents and injuries.
    This brings me to the DM. Someone who has far less regard for employees than the company itself. Everyone knows you can't bring a single complaint to him no matter the severity. He will either go discuss it with that person "hey James, Bob over there said you were stealing. That ain't true is it?" Vile. Or do literally nothing except spread the word that you're a trouble maker.

    The last thing I would like to touch on, that I'm sure every employee at Dollarama can relate to, is when The Regional Manager comes to visit. It is so damn ridiculous. For weeks management will recognize that workers don't have enough hours to stock there aisles full, never even mind to standard. Then the day before the RM is set to arrive workers are expected to pull 12+ hour shifts prepping the 'facade' that is their aisle. Not to mention the cleaning and mapping etc that goes into this prep. All just to show the RM a big lie. Because the store never ever looks anything close to when she's visiting.
    The solution to this one is easy. Literally tell no one that she's coming. Let her and the company see what the store looks like day-to-day with the crap hours and zero motivation.
    I read a post here that said you can be in the best mood then you walk into work here and everything just changes, even your face changes, you change.
    In all of this I was looking for something positive about this store, job or company as a whole but there is none.

    Posted on 7 September 2015 by Rater #105 | Flag as inappropriate

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