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  • This review comes from the production side of Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc., from someone very bitter and unhappy about how the production side is managed. Some of production's leadership are aloof; some unhelpful and rude; some take other people's ideas without crediting them; most act like they know everything about cannabis; and some treat leadership skills and growth as a leader, and taking responsibility, as a joke. IF this were not bad enough, with too few exceptions, many of production's leaders treat the company and its owners and investors as idiots and untrustworthy. It is a very unprofessional workspace.

    For the past three years production has been a toxic environment of favoritism, lack of communication, low standards, and blind-eyes. The leadership are new to their positions and do not take their leadership roles seriously, unless their authority, skills or worth to the company are questioned, or the lack there of is alluded to, and then they act with spite and vengeance. Upper leadership holds their hands and generally doesn't care about anyone lower than a manager's or grower's input or concerns.

    Besides D9s burdened HR team, there are few people one can complain to or who appears to want checks and balances to some of the leaderships' incompetence, meanness and ignorance; and concerns about and consequences for these leaders seem to produce no change. People have been yelled at, scared, insulted, ignored, put down, and have had their work demeaned if they are not seen as important enough to someone better than them. Standards of production are relative to the person being targeted, and it is usually just a targeting and not a viable act of policy enforcement--this in part stems from a lack of policy about what is expected in plant production and skills, and from a lack of company vision (D9 as a whole has no, in marketing terms, statement of value, statement of meaning, or statement of vision: this is all very unfortunate and saddening for those that want to work there). Ambiguity in standards allows the perpetuation of substandard cannabis production and health; and inconsistent worker habits.

    Performance reviews and promotion and cross training are a popularity contest for ass kissers, the charismatic, humorous, those married to and those friendly to the managers or to people who have power in other parts of the company. Rumors and a lack of transparence rule all communications and changes in personnel. There are few to no opportunities for employees to get professionalization training or new skill development. Moreover, there is next to no upward movement for employees in the production sector. Changing areas or skill areas is often hard and often stigmatized by some of the leadership in production.

    Posted on 20 January 2021 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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