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  • There is only 1 way right now to get rid of this stupid management

    Make bad parts on purpose. I make 10 percent bad every day so that customers get bad parts.

    When the customers get parts that leak they will not buy valves from dahl

    the management will be gone

    we might be gone also but this is the only way I guess

    I made more than 10 percent today but that is how it goes

    Posted on 9 October 2018 by Rater #24 | Flag as inappropriate

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I have to agree with the employee who suggested going to Human Resources. Come and talk to me - completely confidential if necessary. If you tell me what's happening, we can fix it. - SJ

Posted on 11 October 2018

Selfish Cowards and traitors.
If you don't have the guts to go to directly to Human Resources with your complaints then leave. Your actions are childish. You brag about making bad parts but I guess you're not thinking about the other Employees that do their best every day with the hopes of a bonus. I'm sure you don't have a problem cashing the bonus cheque when you've received it. Shame on you.

Posted on 10 October 2018

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