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  • Duties not told during the interview and listed on the position with a very low lay*Janitorial:Changing garbages (tenants usually to dispose neddles,glass or heavy and poky things, )
    *Acting as security which is not safe as not enough training is provided like non violent crisis intervention disengagement skills , asking people that come into the building for ID, and to leave after corfew/not allowing access to the building(which most of times they are heavily intoxicated, and may act aggressively Can be quite unsafe (working with low barrier/mental health and addictions population) usually one staff on shift Short staffed while working in the shelter Bullying and drama anong coworkers and supervisors Bedbugs/Rats/Cockroaches and other gross pests in the buildings
    They don’t provide proper cleaning protective gear(rubber gloves,safety googles,safety masks)expected to clean wals, corners, baseboards,areas with neddles or glass. The material safety data sheet isn’t even posted where the chemicals are, neither the bottles are labeled with which cleaner products.
    Also emphasize the one staff om shift (walkie talkies are old) they expect you to stay safe and either phone the shelter staff if needed help which im 1 minute if a person xomes

    Posted on 29 May 2019 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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