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City of Red Deer

Taille de l'entreprise : Non renseigné

  • I really thought that a work life balance would be great coming from my past of shift work. Unfortunately, it was not worth it. The politics of city hall was unbearable. We had city counselors trying to obstruct justice because their friends were on the receiving end of the tickets. We had managers and supervisors that had no clue in regards to enforcement.

    The common quote was "you're going to write the ticket because I'm your boss and I am telling you to".

    There are a couple people within City hall that are amazing, but they are suppressed by the bullies in management.

    Don't bother applying for anything in inspections and licensing if you have half a brain, you won't fit in.

    Publié le 8 octobre 2019 par Évaluateur #3 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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