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  • I have been with the specific theatre I’m at for over a decade and the entire time it’s been not only a revolving door, of employees coming and going but also having some inept people in supervisory positions but also management. Favouritism is rampant within the management (basically those who kisses butt the most get ahead), management uses your availability against you, pay is laughable even though they say they give “competitive wages”, free movies whenever you want is okay but when your an adult trying to make ends meet you’d rather make more money, than get free movies. And to top it off the general manager is a mood swing Mary who goes from being all friendly and buddy buddy one minute, to ripping into you the next while your working, which in my humble opinion really kills any moral you have and not want to make the experience of the people coming in very nice. Plus on top of that head office is cutting hours to bare bones (skeleton crew), to make the company seem more profitable to the company buying cineplex.

    Posted on 5 March 2020 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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