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  • Losing their heart.

    It used to be great, working for Indigo. But now, I realize that while they care about their customers - they really don’t care all that much about their employees. I had been working there long enough, I had seen so many people leave - I lost count. Good employees. Passionate, caring, hard working employees. And then - they brought in a new evaluation system - so much fun, getting put into one of 4 boxes. Make it near impossible to get “high performer.” Jump through hoops, work so very hard for them - rarely any thanks.
    Yes, there are SOME good managers who actually care. Most want you to be an instant learner who never asks questions. Down the road, you may find yourself tired of the corporate fakeness, & if you politely stand up for yourself....they may listen, yes.....but there is no winning. They will find something wrong that you need to improve. Seems to be more about pushing their plum plus cards, being all “phygital,” and less about having a passion for books, the joy of reading, & helping customers. They have lost a lot of amazing employees. Treat your staff better, Indigo. And give your employees tools to evaluate their managers.

    Staff discount. Great coworkers. Books galore & lovely stock of other items.

    Long hours on feet, some job stress, feeling like you have to prove yourself, Little praise, not much room for advancement, all about the bottom line.

    Publié le 21 février 2021 par Évaluateur #24 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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