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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: IT: Services

  • What to say about CGI ? I have worked for them for 9 years, got another job elsewhere and wanted to come back because I have enjoyed my previous work with them and you think everything would be fine and they would recognize the time you devoted for them.

    Wrong. You will apply for a couple of jobs, a recruiter will contact you saying you are an old CGI folks and they will consider your resume. Then no news. After a follow-up email the recruiter tell you the hiring managert rejected your resume and hired somebody else.

    Then another recruiter call you about interesting jobs that you were doing in the past. Then a couple of weeks later, again a big disapointment. The hiring manager still reject your resume.

    Then you realize that those folks are probably backstabbing you from your previous manager. Even if you got near perfect year end review, they will bad mouth you closed door and then they will let the recruiter know you are not a desirable person.

    I have got an enlightnment about what is going on at CGI. And I do not want to apply for them anymore. There is better elsewhere with a better work culture.

    I loved working there, the team was great but for some reason somebody somewhere is blocking me from getting a job back at CGI even if I was a good employee.

    Anyway, how to resume CGI in a few honnest words :

    - The managers \ management \ VP are hiring their own siblings on nice position during the summer or part time like WFM or administrative assistant, when other qualified people can do the job but are not considered.

    - in order to grow within the company, you need to klnow wich boots to lick or you will stay on the same position for a long time.

    - Favoritism : Depending on the team you are, the manager may have his own click. You will realize that when you see people in your group goiung out for a beer on a Thursday evening without you knowing. Then to stay a little bit later at work to finish something and then going home and see those folks having fun without you - but in the same team. Very disturbing.

    The favoritism is not even hidden. You can also bet a hundred who will get a pronotion when an opening is announced within your team. It is usually the person or the group of persons who were drinking beer with the manager a Thursday evening without you knowing.

    - You need to wear a tie and a suit if you are working at the CCE. If you forget your tie at home ( it can happen if you are very tired or on the run ) make sure to not meet the chariman in the elevators or you will get fired on the spot ( yes it is true, and this is something that the chairman likes to disucc during the October Anual Tour ) - Management find it very funny.

    - Bureaucratic and micromanagement culture. You cannot really work on your own. You need to do what your manager is asking you to do like a robot. You have no real decision.

    In short, stay away if you can. or if you are working there, do not expect to be taken back if you leave and wantsa to make a return unless you are in the select club.

    Posted on 5 September 2018 by Rater #375 | Flag as inappropriate

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