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CFCP / Chemin de fer Canadien Pacifique


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Transportation (freight), Warehousing

  • First let me start by saying I don't want to come off as a bitter employee (might happen though) just out to bad mouth this company. I am not writing this for that reason. I have been employed with CPR for 7 years now.

    There are very few positives to working for CPR. In my honest opinion the negative aspects far outweigh any of the perks. I will start with the perks of the job.

    1) Pension, the pension plan is a pretty good one. I believe it is one of the better ones going in Canada.

    2) The Pay, its not bad. It is not climbing as other industries in Canada are. Obvious examples are in the Oilpatch, but at our low percentage raises averaging 2.5% yearly, other industries are catching up. We are not keeping up with the rise in expence of living. While other companies are giving raises, or bonuses to entice new employees, CPR has in our new contract taken 6-7k yearly from any new employees.

    Ok now onto the bad side of CPR. In the beginning of my career I really liked my job. When I hired on getting time off was not as difficult as it is now. Things have changed and it happened quickly.

    I will try to explain this to those that do not understand how the railway works, but I will simplify it.

    CPR had limited 8 Engineers, and 8 Conductors maximum off on personal leave on any given day. Was not enough then, but it has since gotten worse. Heres the kicker, now it has been cut to 3 Engineers, and 4 Conductors off on any given day. So any employee will be extremely lucky to have the days off they want. Be it a Wedding, Camping, Re-union, or whatever else you may want to take part in.... TOO BAD, you can't go. Explain that one to family, or friends. If you plan on attending events in February, or March your in luck those weekends should be available. But you can kiss your summer good bye, as those spots fill up quick.

    As far as managers go I will not go too far, its easy to complain about your bosses. I will say this, the lower end road managers are there for one reason, and one reason only. Its all about scare tactics. I have never heard one compliment on a job well done, just complaints about what you do wrong. Threats of discipline by way of demerits....

    In closing. My time at CPR started out good, I don't mind the schedule. I personally don't mind my time at work, its definately not for everybody but the job itself being out riding trains working with some great people is a good time. Its not usually a overly strenuous job either. Its not a job you go home feeling like you've accomplished something, but I don't think many jobs do.

    As my time has passed at CPR the moral of everybody has dropped real low, to where most people just want out. A lot are at the point where they cannot leave because there pension is too near. And the young guys/gals myself included are seeing this is not the only job out there anymore, people are quitting at a pretty good rate and I see no end in sight. CPR will have to improve its opinion of employees personal lives. In a job where you are on call 24/7 you need time where you are not protecting the phone, time to yourself....NO WORK.

    This job is very hard on families. Try explaining to your children you cannot be there for there special events, or even harder try explaining to your wife you cannot make plans to be with them, everything has to be spur of the moment. All this equals a high divorce rate, its simple.

    I don't need a pat on the back telling me I've done a good job, that doesn't bother me. Its the companies whole attitude towards family time. CPR is your new family, forget about the ones you knew, they will eventually stop calling because can never tell them "yes I will be there", always "maybe".

    My employment at CPR will end this year, and there are plenty more people on the way out. Its just not a enjoyable way to earn a living anymore. And if you don't like what your doing... Don't do it.

    Posted on 3 September 2008 by Rater #62 | Flag as inappropriate

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Congrats for having the balls to do something, i wish i did

Posted on 28 November 2011

im a conductor here too everyone had to work christmas day and its never going to change. itll only get worse...actually i just handed in my radio and keys IM DONEEEEEE...... SAYANARA MOTHERF**KAS ....
im going to live my life like a normal human being, id rather get paid less money and have a normal life like a human being should then to get paid a teeeny bit more than the average and not have any life whatsoever....to cp...thanks, but NO THANKS PEACE OUT.

Posted on 28 February 2011

Our terminal gets to work Christmas day, while managment has to spend it with their familys

Thanks CP, now go FCUK yourself

Posted on 19 December 2010

Agree but the managers are children, all with ego's that they can barley fit into the door and are just seething to fire someone

Posted on 23 October 2010

Just heard they laid off everywhere, just in time for the holidays. Merry Christmas, lay off huge amounts of people so you do not have to pay them any holidays!!! What a place to work, CP Rail could care less about its employees. CP will learn down the road people won't put up with this, this recent lay off system wide will result in a lot of people quitting.

Posted on 12 December 2008

this employee has this place figured out I have worked for cp 26 years and the managment team we have wright now is the worst I have seen. there new moto should be were not happy till your not happy 3 engineers and 4 conductor per day we have over 230 working here or we did they have liad off a group of 16 then 22 more and now 3 days before the hollidays 75 more. and still there are 6 managers two would be lots as this place rans it self

Posted on 9 December 2008

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