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  • The positive responses to this organization on this site are troubling. They are troubling as they are clearly being made by CATO management. Who else would be able to directly reference people's salaries and specifics of hiring and firing. This school is known to do this type of thing. On their Facebook reviews they have positive reviews from members of their marketing department. In their testimonials they have 'success' stories of people who work in the marketing department.

    This school is not ethical.

    A couple of points:
    In a reply they claim CATO has never been sued. Okanagan campus may, as they have stated never been sued. But the previous East Coast campus was sued, and the school lost. This school ran the same curriculum and had the same management and marketing department that currently exists in Kelowna.

    CATO Kelowna has given students refunds in exchange the students signing non-disclosure agreements, and an agreement not to sue the school.

    I know this as I work at the school. I've been in the meetings. I have the documents.

    As per the comment that CATO should sue those that made comments on this site.

    -All honest comments on this site are meant to be provided with anonymity, is CATOs IT department violating ethics?

    -CATO does not have the money to sue people. They talk tough, but had to cut the free coffee to staff to save money.

    -Go ahead and start suing those that post the truth CATO. It would be outstanding to have your closed door actions on the record. As well you will be countersued into the stone age.

    -The comments in the other positive reviews that past employees were hurt and lazy and they are better off without them, many of those have gone onto amazing careers, some award winning at the top of their profession. CATO must be kicking themselves for letting that level of talent get away, at the low cost they were paying. But CATO management have no formal training other then recording bands in their basements, CATO president has no degree in anything. CATO marketing has no degree in marketing. Many of the staff bios are a brilliant spin job. Fashion head never worked in fashion, photography head is a hobbyist and never worked as a photographer etc etc. The management doesn't want to employ people who are thinkers and may not play ball with unethical behaviour.

    If the staff are truly industry professionals, why are they paid on average $13 or less an hour for the teaching time, prep and marking they are required to do? This low wage does not get top industry professionals in any of the field they advertise.

    Avoid working at CATO, if you are a student demand a refund.

    Posted on 11 September 2017 by Rater #12 | Flag as inappropriate

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