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Canyon Technical Services

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Energy

  • I have been at Canyon for a while now and just because your employer does not coddle your nut pouch or tuck you in at night does not make them bad employers. There are reasons a company does what it does. It takes real men to work in the patch and if you are on your 5th or 6th company, chances are its not the employers. Chase the money and the greener grass but loyalty goes along way when it gets slow out there, and it will get slow you can count on it. This company grew from 200 to upwards of 800 people in 3 years so expect some growing pains. It is not a perfect place, but by far not the worst.

    Posted on 5 February 2013 by Rater #11 | Flag as inappropriate

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I say stay with canyon and start your own club!! Its going to get busy out there so leaving and starting from the bottom would be a stupid desicion. These boys club members are a great bunch if you get to know them you'll see for yourself. Keep positive and don't think your work has been unnoticed. Your dedication and devotion will pay off.

Posted on 16 September 2013

I am not management, nor am I an owner. But the statement is correct, the company is not the reason people are leaving. 90% of the people that leave comments on web sites like this are the disgruntled wastes of skin that the guys dont want there anymore anyway. And the whole "good ol' boys" club is actually the "we like to work and you would rather whine about what you dont get" club. When you enter a crew atmosphere as the new guy, it is up to you to fit in with them not visa versa.

Posted on 20 June 2013

So. What your saying is that the common denominator which is the company is basically not responsible for all the former employees leaving? Wow!! Are you management or owner?

Posted on 19 March 2013

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