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Canyon Technical Services

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Energy

  • I worked at Canyon for two and a half years. There are many good people who work there, however, there is an "Old boy's club" as well. This past summer there have been many who have been targeted and "fired", while the rest of us looked at each other and asked, "why? He was a good worker and easy to get along with!". When the story unravelled, it usually wound up being because this individual "asked questions, challended the status quo, and took initiative" (part of the core values) which is a threat to some who are in positions to fire, and would like to remain there.

    The company's core values are preached quite a lot, and they are good, but there are many in field supervisory, and middle management who not only not follow them, but mock them.

    1. Integrity - Finding reasons to fire people because they are a threat to your 'old boy's club' is not integrity.

    2. Relationships - Treating people with dignity and respect. This core value is broken all the time. I personally have been treated poorly, and have watched others being demoralized and being spoken down to by field coordinators and middle managers simply because of ego. When I personally tried to point out that this was unacceptable, I was informally told that I was being a shit disturber, and was written up a short while later for being based on some other issue that was found to be suitable (we all make mistakes, all a person has to do is look close enough to find them).

    3. Think Creatively, Take the initiative, Be persistent, Challenge the status quo... all very good goals, however, this is actually discouraged. When I personally tried to apply these core values to my work at Canyon, I was rewarded with meetings in the manager's office where I was told not to think, just work, don't try to change things. When I pointed out problem areas with safety that could be easily fixed, or with areas where more training could be used to help workers operate more efficiently, I was put on the hit list for those who didn't keep quiet and just do what they were told. Eventually, I too was let go last August based on an exaggerated claim that looks good on paper, and appeared to be a clean unquestionable dismissal. Certain individuals are good at manipulating things to appear as though their actions against an employee were justified and correct, while in truth, they were slimy and dirty. It helps to have a group (The old boy's club) who you can draw upon for "statements" for an "investigation" to put together enough twisted, warped, and out of balance "evidence" to support the firing.

    If the CEO of the company, whom I have personally met, conversed with personally (and by email), and whom I do believe in, were to open his eyes and see that there are certain individuals in management within the company who are stiffling what could be a great place to work, and make some strategic changes, Canyon does have a lot of potential. If these changes were made, I would work there again. There are some who can be trained with the management courses that Canyon puts on to be better managers, but there are some who simply need to be removed.

    The company needs to break up the old boy's club in the frac division on up to middle management, and remove the bad apples before they ruin the company as a whole. It only takes a few bad apples to cause the whole barrel to spoil. The individuals in this old boy's club do what they wish, and stick up for each other if any questions arise. If this was broken up, the misdeeds of these people would not be covered up and twisted so sucessfully to appear as though the actions were in the best interests of the company.

    It will be difficult for the top dog to pinpoint and weed out these ones as the evaluations that are done, are done by others within this old boy's club... and of course no red flags are put up due to the fact that they are all covering for each other.

    I worked at the Grande Prairie branch.

    Posted on 11 October 2012 by Rater #9 | Flag as inappropriate

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I am filing a claim with labour relations against Canyon for wrongful dismissal, and am pursuing civil legal action for same. Just thought you all might want to know...

Posted on 26 October 2012

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