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  • used to be a good company, the great lakes branch anyway. but went downhill big time, lost their focus and forgot about their roots. i hope they lose the right of first refusal with the gov't contracts they get. which they get because of veterans working for them who they do not appreciate. and the difference between what head office gets and what the workers get is very unfair... paid sick days for example. considering that head office makes its living off the backs of the workers. they hate unions but the way they treat their staff i'm surprised more of it isn't unionized besides the airport. they used to be one of the better paying companies out there but now you can easily do as well or better with another company. and take career courses. they've become another cheap condo security company.. you can likely do better, much better.

    Publié le 16 avril 2014 par Évaluateur #3 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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