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CAA South Central Ontario


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • Management of this company don't value their employees and try their best to create extreme stress for everyone who work there. Everything is done manually in this computer age, they hire a lot of clerical workers just to do huge amount of data entry. People at the top don't understand manual work can generate a lot of mistakes, and they expect perfect from their workers, ridiculous. The worst work place in the world, at least 30 years behind the time.

    Posted on 24 January 2012 by Rater #47 | Flag as inappropriate

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The company is an open joke. Probably the most unprofessional place I have ever seen. Just look at all the money wasted on systems, and programs. look at the repair shops. What a loser acquisition. Look at the credit card business. Look at the insurance system that never worked and needs to be replaced. Look at the unqualified people in sr management. The only thing you can take away from this place the fact that even with incompetent people at the helm the public still want their auto club memberships. Also obvious is that incompetent people can not build new businesses. Name one new business, or even a project, that has been successful. Not the repair shops. Not the credit card. Not Connections. Not the Insurance system. Not the travel project. Can't wait to see how the travel medical operation works out. With directors reporting to directors it has all the hallmarks of another winner.

Posted on 29 January 2012

Be a part of the solution and not the problem

Posted on 28 January 2012

comparing a person to a cancer is disgraceful

Posted on 28 January 2012

Well said, comment 7, comment 2, is probably like the cancer within slowly trying to kill this great company. The problem with this site is that it gives these people a forum to bitch without citing any facts. There has been some great clean up, don't know why it has stopped. There needs to be more to tackle disgruntled employees who rather bring the company down then help make it better.

Posted on 28 January 2012

Who cares what u like or not, the grass is probably greener on the otherwise. Move on and stop brining this company down with your whiny attitude. There are lots of other places to work at or start ur own business. This is not a bad place to be at. You just want things to stay the stay same. As comment 5, put it well you are probably one of the registers. There is only one thing constant in life and that is change.

Posted on 27 January 2012

Comment 3, I just don't like liars.

Posted on 26 January 2012

Rather than making sweeping statements like "dispatch is the worst department" why not substantiate your claim with hard facts. WHAT is happening in dispatch that makes it the "worst department"? And Rater 47, do you honestly believe that management is TRYING to create a stressful environment for the employees? What would be the point of that?

The problem with this site is that too many people take to bitching without citing facts. I have reps who complain about various processes simply because they are too lazy and/or incompetent to follow the new process. And when I've questioned them about WHY they are resisting the change, they don't have a reason. Many people are simply too afraid to leave their comfort zones. Why are these people still within the company? Because HR won't allow managers to make changes. The last wholesale cleaning that we were able to make was March 2 three years ago. Another one is long overdue.

The senior reps who are still trying to use Reflections let alone Axis let alone Connections need to go! But they're so heavily entrenched in their departments and would cost the company so much in severance packages that they will be there until retirement. And the new reps who come in with passion and drive lose their motivation to succeed when they see older reps challenging processes and resisting. Eventually everyone gets jaded and gives up resulting in a team of complacent individuals who simply don't care anymore. Wow, what a fun place to work.

Posted on 26 January 2012

The question is what department has competent management. A bunch of transplants from other depts or unqualified people who have great suck up talents. From the c suite down not a one that would be in their chair were it not for the incompetence of the board and top tier management. It's a truism that incompetence begets incompetence.

Posted on 26 January 2012

Comment 2, if you donot like it then leave. You don't want to quit as you are probably highly paid for what you do.

Posted on 25 January 2012

Obviuosly, you haven't worked for the new accounting leaders. Looks like a race to the bottom.

Posted on 25 January 2012

Worst department in the whole company, Dispatch.......Stressed out, overworked, not happy. Dispatch used to be the depatment to be in , now people run from it....Wonder why?

Posted on 25 January 2012

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