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CAA South Central Ontario


Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : Centre d'appels, Service clientèle

  • Have been with CAA SCO for several years and yes it does have problems but what organization doesn't?

    Have seen many changes over the years and the culture is changing but not for the worse. There is a higher level of expectation which unfortunately is stressful to individuals that just come in and do their job but don't put in any additional effort to make improvements. In the past whenever an initiative was launched I would laugh and say okay that will take 3 -5 years, I don't say that anymore! We are continually challenged to identify opportunities for improvement and implement quick wins.

    As I read some of these postings I have to question if you're so unhappy working for CAA why are you still there? For myself, I have been given multiple opportunities to grow and have been recognized for the results. There are still pockets within the organization which are holding on to the "old" ways, which makes for a frustrating climate when not everyone is held to the same levels of accountability.

    In my humble opinion, CAA SCO is a great place to work. If it wasn't I wouldn't still be there!

    Publié le 1 mai 2011 par Évaluateur #31 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Right. But learn to spell. Although no one in the company cares if you're illiterate. Just do what you're told and you will be fine.

Publié le 13 mai 2011

we stay cause we care about a company with a long and proud history

Publié le 6 mai 2011

Too funny. Quick wins. Just another way of saying we have no long term strategy. Name one "quick win" that has had a tangible business result. This was undoubtedly written by someone from IT, the people who seem to think they know what they are doing.

Publié le 4 mai 2011

RE: "I have to question if you're so unhappy working for CAA why are you still there?"

RE: "If it wasn't I wouldn't still be there!"

2 of the most true sentences ever written on this website.

If you really do not like where you are working then why are you still there?

I guess it is easier to come here and complain instead of actually getting off your ass and making changes in your life.

Publié le 1 mai 2011

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