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CAA South Central Ontario


Taille de l'entreprise : Moyenne (50 - 499 employés)

Industrie : Centre d'appels, Service clientèle

  • Everyone knows the engagement scores are up because everyone is afraid to say otherwise. People have been told scores better be good or there will be repercussions. Insurance makes money because the market turned and CAA pricing was low. Which likely means future underwriting losses. And the EDW is a joke. The risk analysis is pathetically weak. Other companies don't have what CAA SCO has because they would never use this. Anyone who thinks CAA SCO is leading the market in any area is sadly uninformed. As for the evil partnership. Bingo. Management cronyism and just plain bad management at its finest. Too bad teh dullard Board has no real idea what is going on internally. They are only told the good and things like the highly inaccurate engagement survey are used to bolster the St Mgmt story.

    Publié le 4 février 2011 par Évaluateur #28 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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