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Beacon Community Services

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • Seeing all these comments is definitely discouraging as a seasoned worker. This website makes Beacon sound horrible, when in reality it's actually not bad. It struggles as ALL large organizations do in regards to engagement, communication, and maintaining balance. Not to mention that there's not enough of us workers to keep up with the demand of home care patients. I do feel for the people who have had missed visits, and I'm sorry. In my perfect world each person requiring care would have their own consistent worker from day-to-day. Unfortunately we as workers are clearly short staffed out there in the community. There's only so many of us to go around for a service that is rapidly growing due to our aging demographic in Victoria.

    From my research, as a community health worker we are some of the highest paid in the Victoria region. As a regular I received a full benefits package; which is also nothing to sneeze at. The coverage is amazing.
    All given primarily because we're unionized, but still I cannot and will not complain. The hours are not bad either, if I want to work 60 hours a week I quite possibly could. Some of the attitude other workers have out in the field actually disgust me though. There is definitely a sense of entitlement and some huge egos from some chws. I've overheard some of the conversations with schedulers and by no means some of these other workers angels themselves. Even in the field I've come across some down right inappropriate and disrespectful workers who do nothing beneficial for the company by the things that they say. If you feel you should be treated with respect, then treat others with that same respect too. What most workers forget is that they also create the environment they work in. The more you complain on this website the less that gets done and the more miserable you get. Every time I've phoned into the office politely, I've always been met with a polite response back. I don't think anyone takes too kindly to picking up the phone just to hear a worker yelling at the on the other end.

    Management is off and on. Somedays they're really helpful and others, it's hard to even contact them. My experience with management is that they are doing their best in the situation they've entered into. Last I've heard there are some real changes that are coming around that will definitely help bridge come communication barriers between management and workers. Sure the managers get paid more, but we're also not in charge of steering a ship and set it's course.

    Everyone realizes that Beacon is not perfect and is not operating the way it should be. What most forget is we work for a non-profit that does more than just health care. I do see a lot of "me me me" on this website; I'm hoping you expand your view to include "we" because you're more a part of the issue and less of a part in the solution.

    If you're reading this and you're a frustrated worker. Try to be respectful in the workplace. It's a place of medical professionalism, not only do poor attitudes and disrespect reflect poorly on Beacon, it reflects 10 times as much on you and your character. And it doesn't hurt to thank the person on the other side of the phone once in a while; life isn't all rainbows, puppy dogs, and candy for them either.

    Posted on 23 May 2015 by Rater #51 | Flag as inappropriate

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I was called a bitch told to go to hell had a bowl fly at me, belittled, zero help & support ,the management would cover it up over and over. I was the second one that I know of that left because of one particular that made my work life very difficult. I left after 5 yrs in my position
P.S all involved called themselves Christians(horrible example)

Posted on 27 December 2020

Been gone from this company 4 years and the shit just gets deeper....Workers need to take a stand on the Union and this company....walk off the job and let god sort it out......

Posted on 21 July 2016

I find this rating funny. If you we're a chw.you would know the struggle because not one worker can say they have not had a bad experience. Nice try scheduler or higher up

Posted on 11 February 2016

While BCS has gone through some large changes in leadership they still struggle under the weight of their own ignorance when it comes to understanding and supporting a home support department. Find a manager who was ever a scheduler. You won't. The managers don't understand the primary job that runs the industry and all the metrics in the world won't bridge that gap. You succeed or fail in home support based on logistics first; your ability to effectively utilize care aide time well, maintain appropriate driving distances and focus on the needs of your employees. You don't build client schedules, you build employee schedules that include continuity when able and appropriate. Despite all the noise about continuity there are a sizable portion of clients out there who enjoy a variety of people in their home to socialize with and tell stories with.

There are still managers there who are responsible for the human rights and labor violations perpetrated on the care aides en masse during the last decade. This happened despite the union so as workplaces go you need to be aware of your rights if you choose to work there. You'll get more done with a conscientious scheduler listening to you than you will through the union though.

Posted on 10 September 2015

This website doesn't make Beacon sound horrible , Beacon Community services has done it to themselves by treating staff and clients poorly .They have gained the reputation as a bad company to work for because of there actions towards staff and clients.Beacon community services should be invistigated and reported to the labour and relations act and VIHA should reconsider the contract .

Posted on 10 June 2015

Beacon community Services is a very unemployee friendly company to work for.They care only about collective agreement that they have and will use it to get workers to comply with there demands.I'f you have other options for employment with the health care system then don't waste your time filling out Beacon community application. The company will treat you with no respect even though they say its there policy and everything that has been written about this company I have personally experienced and more .

Posted on 9 June 2015

A Supervisor from this company is the writer of this comment and the proof is in this comment
..."Sure the managers get paid more, but we're also not in charge of steering a ship and set it's course"...
How pathetic to try and bull doze the truth about this company!!!!

Posted on 5 June 2015

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