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Beacon Community Services

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • I have worked as a Community Health Worker at Beacon Community Services(previously named differently) for the last 23 years. Overall, I love my job. I meet new and interesting people everyday. The rate of pay is not great but it is not terrible either. I choose to work as a casual employee to gain greater flexibility for family living. I find most of the schedulers and nursing supervisors are congenial, polite and professional. However, over the years there has been the odd staff member that has acted in a rude or abrupt manner, when conversing on the phone. It is not acceptable but it is going to happen in any work environment in any organization.When this happens it should be addressed immediately and professionally to the offending staff member.I have done this and despite the awkwardness, I found it to be effective.
    My chief concern as a employee of BCS is the effect of the rigidity the organization beholds. There is not enough time off given to it's staff. Time off allows staff to regenerate,grieve loss of loved ones etc.Lack of time off equates in more people off on stress leave or quiting and then there is an even greater difficulty filling shifts. It just backfires on them. I'm sure they understand this but are unable to correct it. As I said to a scheduler once who wanted me to come in early the next day.. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". The next door I got the day off for an upcoming family reunion that had previously been denied. I simply told her that I was not interested in going above and beyond if they did not 'do' for me. It worked. Take the power where you can.
    I agree with a previous comment that stated often the company is very quick to point out the bad but not acknowledge the good. They could definitely do better in that department.However, i see the true reward is seeing the appreciation on so many of our client's faces after you have helped to enrich their lives.To many of them, we are all they have and to see our smiling faces walk into their homes each day is such a immensely positive experience for them.This is where I gain my 'pat on the back'.
    As to the CHW's worried about the 10 minute travel time...it is not your problem; its a scheduling issue, thus don't let it become your concern. Leave 10 minutes early to get to the next client, walk at a normal pace to your vehicle, drive the speed limit to your next client and if you arrive late...so be it. It is not your fault or concern really. If your time is shortened because of lateness then do the DOTS first and all other priorities then leave at 10 min to the hr once again.No one can fault you for that, just 'breath' and carry on. Anyways, like I said, I love my job and I will most likely work for Beacon until I retire.As I stated, the biggest area of improvement I see needed is a better management of vacation/time off requests.

    Posted on 29 December 2013 by Rater #39 | Flag as inappropriate

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...Overall not great but good.

Posted on 29 December 2013

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