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  • I work in the office at the BC location. This company has come a long way since I started working here. The atmosphere has improved exponentially after the change in management a couple years ago. You can see they are actually trying, and they are way more accommodating to employees (although some may ruin it by taking advantage). Some people don't work out, but I have seen them being moved around into different departments to see if they will fit, so they are given enough chances before being let go - way different than the revolving door from before. However, I will say it takes a special kind of person to work here.. need to be able to do many different things at once, like being challenged, not stressed out too easily.. if you can do this, your work ethic and/or capacity will not go unnoticed.

    Posted on 30 November 2018 by Rater #19 | Flag as inappropriate

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